Questions? It’s Ok!

At The Ridge We Welcome Frequently Asked And Honest Questions!

In New England one study found that 90% of the people here do not attend church. However another study showed that around 98% of Americans believe in God or a higher power. That means especially in New England that there is a huge disconnect between what people believe about God and what they have experienced or feel about religion and/or the traditional church. At The Ridge we are passionately working to find ways to help bridge this huge gap so that people who believe in God can have a place that is safe, fun, loving, and that desires to help them find answers for their very real and important questions.  At The Ridge we are passionate about being a place that ministers to the real needs of people and their families. We think these two videos and these stories of real people will speak louder than anything we can write about when we try and describe what The Ridge is all about!

This first video is entitled:

“Why People Don’t Go To Church”


At The Ridge we want you to feel God’s love, experience His grace and hear His truth so you can have a more abundant life.


The second video is entitled:

“My Church is…”


After watching these videos, we pray that you will come and visit with us at one of our services and meet some great people just like the ones in these videos and discover for yourselves why so many of your friends and neighbors spend their Sunday mornings at The Ridge!

We would love to meet you in person!