Hi! Welcome to THE RIDGE!
e Want To Welcome You To The Ridge’s Website. 
The Ridge Was Planted by Rev. Stephen and Brenda Berry in 2002. 
Over The last 17 years God has done incredible things in people’s lives.  There have been many, many miracles of Healing, God’s Miraculous Financial Provision and Hundreds of Lives Changed For The Good!
Pastor Stephen has stayed true to the vision that God gave him over 17 years ago. That vision and mission was to plant a church where The Word of God was taught and The Holy Spirit was respected and followed in the worship services and in the leading and direction of the church. 

Pastor Stephen and Brenda Berry

The Ridge is an Assemblies of God church where the focus has been on creating an atmosphere and opportunities where people can grow in their knowledge and experience of God. 
About one year ago, The Holy Spirit began leading Pastor Stephen and The Ridge church board to begin evaluating the church finances and the effectiveness of the church in it’s ability to reach the larger community with the Gospel of Christ.
Unfortunately in spite of many, many outreach events, the church was not growing or adding new members.  Due to the high costs of the mortgage and other fixed expenses, there was little or no money for outreach.  God had provided miraculously many, many times over the years.  But it felt like God was leading us in to a new day and into new opportunities.
Clearly God moved in each and every service, but Pastor Stephen and The Ridge Board felt the leading of the Lord to sell the church property.  This was probably the hardest decision that Pastor Stephen and Brenda and The Ridge Board had ever had to make.  The decision was reviewed by the Northern New England District Presbytery of The Assemblies of God and they concurred that the decision to sell the property was the correct decision.  
The Church Property Has Been Placed On The Market And
We Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Contributed To God’s Ministry At The Ridge.
On Sunday, July 21 at 10 AM
A Final Celebration Worship Service At The Ridge Was Held.
It Was A Time To Celebrate All That God Has Done Over The Last 17 Years Here In Brookfield, Vt. 
The Service Was Followed By A Bar-B-Cue and Pot Luck Lunch 
God Bless Everyone Who Has Contributed To The Ridge Over The 17+ Years Here In Brookfield! 
We Look Forward To What God Has Planned For Brenda and I and The Ridge Family As We Step Into A Future Held For Us By God!
Below Is A Video Of Memories From The Planting Of The Church in 2002 Through This Year-2019! 
So Many Wonderful, Faithful People Serving A Faithful,  Powerful and Loving God!  Hope You Enjoy It And We Thank Each and Everyone Person Who Helped Make THE RIDGE A Powerful Witness Of God’s Love, Truth and Power!